We will be tracking food resources during the campaign. The PCs have mouths to feed — their own (in most cases) and the mouths of any followers, guests, and people they have taken in.

One week will pass between every session we play, unless we stop in the middle of the action.

So, every game session, there will be a need to provide 7 days of food for every mouth the party has to feed. Deathsuit doesn’t eat, so he takes some pressure off the rest of the group. Kovak, Cobalt 7-14 is a construct, but his power is derived from food (ideally brats and beer), so he needs food just like everyone else.

Being Short of Food:

At the start of each session, the food price for the week will be paid. If the party can’t pay the full price for all the mouths they have to feed, they can buy food from a friendly community they can reach, or they will need to all make Vigor checks or suffer a level of fatigue that won’t go away until they manage to eat again.

Make the check just once per week, but with a penalty to the vigor check of -1 per day of food missed by the person. That means that it’s possible to prioritize to weaker, less vigorous people.


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