Necessary Evil: Midwest Mayhem

Session 3: That Droning Sound

One more week has passed — Ghost is still recovering from his mauled leg, and decided to stay back at the firehouse with SrA Michael P. Shanahan “Death Suit” and Ratkin to keep him company (read: those players missed this session). That left Dirty Gertie, Edwin “Mithril” Morrow, and Kovak, Cobalt 7-14 to go looking for trouble.

The team started out with a visit to the Burrow to check on the refugees. They seemed to be fine, although they were clearly spread out among the population in a very intentional way, as if Edie was anticipating some problems from them and was trying to make sure it is difficult for them to get together and plan anything. There was some evidence of discontent with Edie, especially from Mohammad Skinnett, the sociologist from Emporia.

Edie asked the three members of F5 to take on a special mission for her — a V’sori observation post at the top of a tall apartment building needs to be dislodged.

The trio started to make their way through the residential ruins and came upon a scene where a team of Drones were gathering bodies after a battle. There were a few clues they spotted — lots of dead roaches, and many of the bodies had been cut into pieces, but beyond that they didn’t notice much.

Several of the victims of the battle were clearly still alive, so F3/5 decided to try to rescue them by stealing the MBuna Transport. Mithril and Gertie presented themselves as targets fighting drones while Kovak used his assorted skills to try to board the MBuna. Heavy use of the drone’s stun attacks made things challenging, but eventually the team managed to kill the leaders of the drones, shut out the others and managed to get airborn.

In the process, clumsy handling of the MBuna’s security settings triggered a response in the form a pair of Manta fighters that pursued the transport and eventually force it to crash. The crash killed two of the four survivors, but two did manage to survive, were stabilized, and the team began hauling the survivors back to the fire house.

On the way they encountered Ben Moreau “The Gypsy King”, who showed them the toy/prop switchblade he had recently acquired for raising someone from the dead — this, the team suspects was Harlan Lambert “Lord Eagle”, because of some feathers at the scene.

The Gypsy King made it clear that he could help them with permanent injuries or dead allies if they provide him with the relics he’s looking for — and he asked them to find a specific discarded shell casing dropped by Wyatt Earp in a moment of embarrassment. The shell casing is lost in the walls of some older buildings in the Delano district, at the site of the Custom House Saloon, which was there about a hundred years ago.

With that, the team made it back to the fire house with the two incapacitated victims. The two of them will put a new strain on the team’s food supplies — they will need to think about food in the very near future.

Quests completed: none
Quests In Progress: The Hills Have Eyes, Stinkin Badges, Shadows over Wichita, Ratkin knows a secret

XP earned: 2xp
XP Total: 5 xp (Earned 1 advance)

Loot: none
Resources: 50 rounds 9mm ammunition, 1 9mm pistol, 22 cans of beer, 12 old brats, M-16 Assault Rifle
Food: 30 days of food, using 49 food/session (4 PCs eat, +3 guests/allies) (see Food)

Friends & Guests: Ratkin, 2 incapacitated victims of a super attack of some sort.

Session 2: Refugees and Rabbits

A week has passed — Ratkin has settled in to the firehouse and appears to be making himself at home. Gertie was bedridden, moaning about a “tummy-ache” and she refused to come down and meet with Edie O’Rourk, who stopped by to visit — this time to ask the gang to take on a couple of missions – one Urgent, another important.

The urgent was to meet a band of refugees coming towards Wichita on the highway, and to convince them to come to the burrow and seek shelter there.

The important one was to go to the WSU ruins and see if they could find out what had happened to James Hooper a professor and scientist who had lived in the Burrow until he’d disappeared a few weeks ago, lost with the team of scouts that had gone to keep him safe on a scavanging run on campus.

The gang, after settling on the team name “F5” decided to start with the refugees first. The four who were not still complaining about intestinal distress left in Mithril’s Ambulance.

They traveled by highway out to an old turnpike service station (now derelict, of course) where the band of refugees was parked in a ring of vehicles. Edwin approached the refugees and opened a dialog. As it turned out, they were being courted by another Wichitan already — Jackson Jeong, a scout from the New Friends.

The Refugees were led by Brandon Stagall, and included a sociology professor named Mohammad Skinnett. They told a story of a human warlord named Lucio, former prison warden in Emporia, who has built a strong and stronger base of operations, demanding tribute and slaves from the surrounding survivors.

With F5 riding herd to protect them, the refugees set out to make their way to the Burrow. At one point during the journey a pair of V’sori Manta fighters flew by — quickly once, after which the caravan stopped and everyone scuttled out of their vehicles and into a ditch before the Mantas made another, slower pass — clearly taking sensor readings but they did not attack. Once everyone was sure they were not coming back for a third pass, the caravan loaded back up and continued, taking a scenic route of back roads the rest of the way to the Burrow.

After dropping off the refugees with Edie, F5 set off to check out the ruins of WSU for some sign of the professor.

They parked a short way from campus and walked the rest of the way — this was in the dark of night, by which they hoped to avoid being observed much by V’sori scouts. As they started to explore campus they spotted a small figure watching them — a figure that moved with quick hops and dashes. They managed to track this figure back to a ruined building where they found an entrance watched by another small, long-eared figure.

Ghost approached close enough to the small sentry to make mental contact with it. Within moments the figure stepped out into the light, convinced it was meeting great friends and opening up about himself (they call me Fourteen) who explained that the Boss (clearly Hooper) was down below in the lab, where Fourteen and his 39 brothers and sisters lived.

Kovak was able to scan the facility with his X-Ray vision and could see the whole lab complex below as well as dozens of small figures (Fourteen called them Hops), and cylinders of fluid containing dozens of more, much larger figures. And one human.

Ghost wiped Fourteen’s memory of their interaction and left him asleep at his post, but by then the other Hops were boiling out of the hole and surrounding F5. Edwin quickly stepped forward and got them talking — they carried a message back to “The Boss”, who told F5 that he would meet with them at the baseball diamond.

So, the gang made their way to the stadium, where Edwin waited on the mound, while the rest of the gang took up an observation post in the press box, high above the stadium.

The hops moved into the area, staying in the shadows of the stadium and surrounding them — but before Hooper appeared, the hops discovered the trio waiting in what they took as an ambush, and things nearly turned ugly again, but Edwin got Hooper talking, and they had a tense exchange. Hooper did not want to talk to anyone, did not want the gang to report about him or his work to Edie, but to leave him alone to continue his work to build an army of rabbit soldiers — his Hoops — who would could be produced in great enough numbers to take on the V’Sori and drive them out.

Edwin asked what the gang could do for Hooper to prove their good will and trustworthiness, and he asked fur guns — lots of guns, to arm his Hoops.

Leaving them with one last admonition not to tell Edie about what he was doing and where he was, Hooper left them.

The gang was watched as they left campus, but the Hops following them didn’t leave campus, and soon the gang felt they were alone, as they made their way back to where they’d parked the ambulance. Then, of course, they were attacked by a huge pack of Chem hounds, feral mutant dogs with acid saliva and an evil nature. The pack attacked until destroyed, and in the process mangled Ghost’s leg, leaving him with a permanent limp.

The gang took the wounded back to the burrow to report to Edie, to whom they gave a full report – Hooper’s location, his intentions, his request for guns, and his mistrust of Edie. Edie was intrigued, and somewhat inscrutable. She did, however, pay the gang in a good supply of food — 100 days worth, and agreed to an exchange of three pistols for one M-16.

And that’s where we stopped.

Quests completed: Refugees, Down the Hole

XP earned: 2xp
XP Total: 3 xp

Loot: 50 rounds 9mm ammunition, 1 9mm pistol, 22 cans of beer, 12 old brats, 100 days food, 1 M-16 Assault Rifle

Friends & Guests: Ratkin

NEMM Session 1

We handled some background generation with background cards. The results of the cards can be seen here: Background Cards Results. We kicked around ideas as we played with the cards, but there’s a lot more detail to be fleshed out base on those conversations. Please spend some time in the forums playing that stuff out.

Based on the results of those cards, the PCs have a strong, albeit romantically complicated relationship with Edie O’Rourk, who is a sort of patron and ally for the group.

We figured out the details of the group’s hideout, the Edgemore Firehouse.

The gang rescued Ratkin from the clutches of a gang led by Harlan Lambert “Lord Eagle”. They captured and mindwiped an energy master called Electron. There was also a speedster called Speedy Petey.

They managed to loot 22 cans of Pabst Blue ribbon, a dozen probably expired brats, four 9mm pistols and a box of 9mm ammunition from the Eagle gang’s base.

XP earned: 1xp
XP Total: 1 xp

Loot: 50 rounds 9mm ammunition, 4x 9mm pistols, 22 cans of beer, 12 old brats.

Friends & Guests: Ratkin


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