SrA Michael P. Shanahan "Death Suit"

Former Air Force in a suit of alien tech just waiting to die.


Name: Death Suit
Race: Human

  • Agility d12+2
  • Smarts d6
  • Spirit d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d8
  • Fighting d12
  • Knowledge: Military d6
  • Knowledge: V’Sori d4
  • Notice d6
  • Piloting d8
  • Shooting d12+4
    Pace: 4/8, Parry: 8, Toughness: 17(10), Charisma: 0
    Gear: Unarmed Strike d12 (Str), Attack, Ranged d12+4 (, 12/24/48), Attack, Ranged d12+4 (3d6, 12/24/48), Attack, Melee d12 (Str+2d6), Natural Armor (+10)

Special Abilities:

  • Custom Major Hindrance (Terminally Ill)(m): This is a quick customizable Major Hindrance for those instances where you don’t have time to create one in the Editor.
  • All Thumbs: -2 Repair; Break devices on skill die roll of 1
  • Lame(m): -2 Pace; Roll d4 for running
  • Loyal: Will never leave a man behind
  • Super Powers: Gain the Super Powers arcane background
  • Combat Reflexes: +2 on Spirit roll to recover from Shaken
  • Marksman: If no movement, gain Aim maneuver; Max ROF is 1

Super Powers:

  • Armor(Lvl5)•Device -1: Your character gains 2 points of armor each time this power is purchased.
  • Attack, Melee(Lvl2)•Device -1, Lethal: Hero has a special melee attack. Each level of this power adds +1d6 to their hand-to-hand attack damage.
  • Attack, Ranged(Lvl3)•Armor Piercing (x3), Cone +1, Device -2, Lethal, Switchable (Primary): Hero has a ranged attack. The range is 12/24/48, the damage is 2d6, +1d6 per extra level.
  • Attack, Ranged(Lvl1)•Area Effect (Large), Device -2, Lethal, Enhanced Damage, Switchable (Alternate): Hero has a ranged attack. The range is 12/24/48, the damage is 2d10.
  • Doesn’t Eat•: The hero does not need to eat
  • Flight(Lvl2)•Climb, Device -1, Slow To Activate: Your super can fly. Attack Penalty is the modifier foes suffer when trying to attack the flier when moving at speed.
  • Super Attribute(Lvl3)[Agility]•: This power increases your character’s attributes one step per level.
  • Super Attribute(Lvl1)[Strength]•: This power increases your character’s attributes one step per level.
  • Super Attribute(Lvl1)[Vigor]•: This power increases your character’s attributes one step per level.
  • Super Skill•Fighting (2), Shooting (3): Hero may boost a Skill one die type.
  • Toughness(Lvl1)•: Toughness improves by +1 per level

Senior Airman Michael Shanahan was stationed at McConnell AFB before its destruction. The virus that was released had no effect on him. He neither died nor did he develop super powers. He did, however, sustained serious injuries during the assault that nearly cost him his life.

A small group of survivors found him and was nursing him back to health when the V’Sori descended on them. They were taken to the newly established base, “Dawnstar.”

The aliens were particularly interested in Michael’s immunity to the virus. They thought if they could isolate it then they could develop a vaccine to either depower troublesome individuals or circumvent the immunities of more willing subjects.

After some time it was decided the project was no longer viable and all subjects were to be processed as drones. Something went wrong during that process and Micheal woke up a changed man.

Alien technology had been grafted onto his body. It gave him the powers he didn’t develop. He used his new powers to break himself out of the facility. It wasn’t long after that he realized the tech was continuing to do its work. Slowly it sucks the life force from him. He knows that one day his Death Suit will kill him.

Edwin Morrow and Radovan Dalibor united against a common foe: Me. How did I fail Edwin? How does this alliance affect Edwin and Radovan Dalibor today? It was just before we teamed up for the Wildcat job.

Some time ago, you and Edwin Morrow did a secret job for the Wildcats. What did Edwin do then to earn your trust? He nursed me back to health after I sustained injuries during the job.

The Wildcats has sworn a vendetta against you. What did you do to earn their enmity? Or were you framed? The job that Edwin and I did was supposed to cripple the V’Sori before the Battle of the Big Ditch. We failed. Because of this, the Wildcats were decimated.

SrA Michael P. Shanahan "Death Suit"

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